Xen Orchestra 3.2

We're back with a new version of Xen Orchestra! The big news is about console: it now works in Chrome browsers \o/

Our patch sent to noVNC team was merged yesterday. List of changes:

  • consoles in Chrome browser (do not forget to be logged to see it!)
  • better handling of dependencies
  • error notification when connection to xo-server is lost
  • console working for hosts (Dom0): it's also accessible directly from main view, but also in host view
  • deleting disks in a VM now requires a confirmation
  • new icon for console
  • all button are now functional in host view (saying "feature not implemented" if it's the case)
  • fix manual MAC addresses in VM creation (basically, now it works)

Complete changelog is here.

New appliance is available for our clients. Due to bugs in dependencies system (in bower), it's safer to re-download it than do an update.

console in chrome