Upgrade to XenServer 7.1

Tutorial to upgrade to XenServer 7.1

Upgrade to XenServer 7.1

The new version of XenServer is here! And it's 100% compatible with Xen Orchestra!

What's inside?

  • Xen 4.7 (live patching capable)
  • A recent Linux kernel (more drivers!)
  • XenServer API improvements

But the most important thing: a huge boost in VM import/export performance. This will speed up all your Xen Orchestra backup jobs!

More details about non-purely server virtualization details? Check the official Citrix blog post.

Download ISO file

You can find it here: http://downloadns.citrix.com.edgesuite.net/11988/XenServer-7.1.0-s1-install-cd.iso

Install from USB

Despite you can burn a CD with the ISO, using an USB drive is easier. On a Linux distro, it's one command:

dd if=XenServer-7.1.0-s1-install-cd.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M status=progress oflag=direct

On Windows, you can use any USB drive creator program.

Default partitioning

It's exactly the same as XenServer 7 (see our previous blog post: upgrade to XenServer 7.0):

  • / (root) 18GB
  • /boot/efi 512M
  • /var/log 4GB
  • Swap 1GB

Are you upgrading from an older version than XenServer 7.0? Or do you have the old partition scheme? Please follow instructions in our previous blog post to switch to the new one.

Upgrade order in a pool

Always upgrade the pool master first:

  1. Migrate VMs from your pool master to slaves
  2. Upgrade the pool master
  3. Migrate VMs from one slave to the pool master
  4. Migrate this slave
  5. Etc.

You can always live migrate VMs from an older XenServer to a newer. The opposite IS NOT POSSIBLE.