Tell us what you want

We have a lot of ideas, but we prefer to start building a software with features responding to community needs. Please read this post carefully if you want to express your needs about XO.


We've decided to create a feature request, that's why we've created an uservoice page dedicated to XO project. Go and tell us your ideas without thinking about technical stuff behind. Think as a user (but be reasonable, XO won't make coffee or feed your cat... please use Emacs for that)

First step in GUI

For us, the first objective for XO is displaying on overview for all VM currently running on XCP hosts/pools, with a dynamic search field, filtering in live VM like a google search. It will help us to find quickly on which physical host/pool is running a VM, and have a quick view of its CPU usage. It will validate speed and cache system implemented in the first alpha.

Technical stuff behind?

About technical architecture behind XO, we have made our first choices, providing a technical demonstrator for the end of the year. Damn! It's almost here!