XO pricing model

After a long period of thinking, we are pushing our pricing model!

3 plans to cover all your needs

We have tried to create plans to cover all your needs and to fit every budget.

The 3 plans are Starter ($70 per month), Entreprise ($200 per month) and Premium ($500 per month), they each comes with an increasing number of features. You can see detailed information on this page.

Why those prices? After a survey (thanks to those who answered) and a thorough analyse of the cost of development, we have settle for these prices which we deem fair and which allow us to live and to dedicate entirely our work to Xen Orchestra.

We understand that these can be too much for you but don't be afraid, Xen Orchestra will stay Open Source and you can install it by yourself for free!

Support & appliance

Because we want to deliver the best experience possible, these plans come fully equiped with support and XOA, an Xen appliance with Xen Orchestra already installed and configured. See for yourself:

  • It's easier to deploy: less than 1 minute!
  • It works out of the box with all the stuff you need.
  • It can be run confidently in production, with our support team backing you.
  • You have access to our deep knowledge of Xen.
  • You help us to work totally dedicated to Xen Orchestra, bringing more quality and more features as quickly as possible.

Staying Open Source

Don't be afraid: Xen Orchestra will stay Open Source! Neither a "freemium" model or closed source parts. If you don't want to subscribe to our offers, you can install and use it from the sources. But:

  • you won't have Pro support
  • no access to our XOA images, which are pre-installed appliances for Xen Orchestra, tuned and coming with a bunch of very useful tools
  • you won't support us directly (but you are welcome in the community! By reporting bug, going on our forum or by spreading the word about XO)

You can also try the product with a basic XOA version accessible for free.


The first version available will be the Starter Edition, coming this fall, with a new nice feature.

Just after that, we'll focus to release the Enterprise Edition. Our timing should be the end of the year (or before if everything go smooth).

Finally, the Premium Edition will be available in 2015, as soon as we can (depending of the number of developers we'll be able to hire).

Need a special appliance or any other stuff around Xen Orchestra or even Xen? Ask us!.