New XO on tracks!

As you may know, we choose to rebuild XO from scratch with Javascript (node.js), for numerous reasons. And we did it! For now, this version is usable without any configuration in the code or config files.

Working stuff

This version use node.js for xo-server and is single web page app for xo-web. We managed to get these features working:

  • VM's consoles (using NoVNC): it works with Firefox, with glitches sometimes. We are working on it to provide a better integration. Plus we are helped on this stuff by¬†Harrie, a Citrix Intern (thanks to him, we've got this first console integration working)
  • "Add server" button on the start page. Despite persistent storage is yet implemented, you can add every XAPI enabled server on XO, as long as you don't kill xo-server's process.
  • Auto refresh interface: we do it basically so far, but if anything happened (new VM, state change etc.) you'll see it "live" on XO interface
  • Basic VM actions: stop, pause/play, reboot buttons are working if you are authenticated
  • Better storage display with % of occupation.

Next steps

This a an alpha version, our goal is to fix majority of bugs and continue to add features. The next big step is about "Vm creation" feature, allowing basic usage of XO for every day utilization.

Our objective (release in September) is always possible. We'll give you a beta version early in September.

Stay in touch!