New release incoming

We are just back from FOSDEM14 :) Great event with a lot of stuff, and very interesting discussions for people getting on Xen booth seeing our demo.

Thank everybody for your support!  (and Xen team for sharing the booth!). We can now focus on the next release for this week: here is what's happening right now:

Exciting new features

  • completely new interface
  • completely new backend
  • bulk action on VM (stop, start, reboot, migrate): send order to any number of VM simultaneously!
  • live search bar, filtering object when you type (filtering on name, description, IP, etc.)
  • Vm creation
  • Object edition (name, description, VM ram and CPU)
  • a ton of various fixes
  • and much more!

New cycle

We are entering in a new cycle of release: most of back-end work is done, know we can focus on adding features by short iterations (remember: "release often"). We'll publish a new appliance for the next release, and then you just have to run our update script to enjoy new features.

Business model

Our objective is to dedicate our workforce to Xen Orchestra. That's why we need to have resources on it. If you want to support the project, vote on roadmap, and/or get professional support, please subscribe to our plans. More we get support, more we can develop new features quickly! And if we get a large success, we can also hire new developers.

You can also sponsor us in exchange of visibility in the project, or also get specific feature that you want quicker.