New alpha release

Here is our new release of XO, with nice features embedded. Let's take a closer look.


As planned, we now manage pool master change in live: if you decide to change your pool master while XO is connected to it, we detect it and re-create instantly a connection "on the fly" to the new master, seamlessly. And our implementation is valid for another possible case: you can connect to any host on the pool, we will redirect automatically the connection to the master.


Our new cache system, coupled with XAPI events, allows XO to work with big XenServer infrastructure. As we get only what is changed, we can deal with more nodes: between previous and current implementation, we got by at least one factor less CPU time, and by 2 factors less bandwidth used. And because a picture say more than words:



You can download the XO Appliance here and read instructions here (manual install is also possible).

What's next?

Now, we are starting a new run, with these objectives:

  • prepare the backend for the next features (in xo-server), like Storage management, VM creation, search engine etc.
  • re-thinking the interface for a better integration of these features
    We'll share our next mock-ups and thoughts as soon as possible. You are welcome to discuss on the project if you want.