Moving a VDI offline in XenServer

As you may know in XenServer, you can move a VDI -from a running VM- to another SR (Storage Repository). We exposed this feature almost 1 year ago in our article explaining how to move a VDI in live.

But what about a VDI on a halted VM? Until now, it wasn't possible. And it was pretty annoying.

That's why we updated our VDI "migrate" API method in Xen Orchestra to allow this, and it's fully automated. It works exactly like in live: but if before you got an error, now you get what you wanted!

Just edit your disk panel in the VM and select another SR for one of your VDI:

That's it!

If your VM is halted, we'll move the VDI to the new SR. If it's running, that's like before (XenServer will move it for us).

So even if you created your VM on a wrong SR, you don't have to boot it to move its VDIs. Or if you want to do that offline, due to maintenance, that's also possible.