Introducing XCP-ng

Discover XCP-ng project, the community backed future of XenServer!

Introducing XCP-ng

Would you like all the power of XenServer without limits, backed by the community? Discover XCP-ng project, and it's on the launchpad!

You can now register here to stay tuned on what's next regarding XCP-ng!

Since XenServer 7.3 was released, people using the free version were a bit disappointed: Citrix removed some interesting features (see our previous blog post on Citrix XenServer 7.3 release). However, XenServer is open source: it's possible to modify and build it, hence removing feature restrictions. And also creating a real community around it!

Obviously, if you need XenDesktop or other Citrix ecosystem product, this won't make sense for you. But if you are doing only server virtualization and/or don't need Citrix support, this project could be a nice opportunity!

Update: since the original post, we made an official release. All the news are here:


The project repo will be hosted in this GitHub org:

If you want to be part of the project, please contact us (comments here or live chat on to be added as a maintainer.


This is a community backed project, but we (XO team) actually put some resources in it (ie: time and money). It's hard to tell, but we aim for a Q1 release for having an initial working solution that will be 100% XOA compatible!

How to participate?

We'll need your help, in any way: ideas, time, money, testing, participating on GitHub (any CentOS package specialist out there?), building infrastructure, RPMs repo and whatever will be needed to make it real.

Again, we want this to be 100% community backed, so anyone can appropriate how it works, improve it etc.


Ideally, the goal would be to have just a RPM repo to install everything needed to have this XCP-ng started, and a simple yum upgrade to fetch the latest bits.

This is also the opportunity to include extra storage drivers (gluster and ceph). We'll add our open source Gluster driver in there too!

Keep in mind we are early in the exploration, the road won't be straight, but we'll do our best to release something with your help :)

So, are you in? Please add your comments below!