OVA import in XenServer

This is a very exciting feature coming for the next release of Xen Orchestra: a simple and powerful way to import your OVA files into XenServer!

Just a drag'n drop

The goal, as usual, is to make this very easy. We currently support OVA with VMDK disks included, exported from VirtualBox. Let's see a real example!

From VirtualBox to OVA

This Debian VM is running fine on VirtualBox:

Now, we'll stop and export it:

That's it! You got an OVA file (roughly 600MB):

Drag'n drop into Xen Orchestra

This is trivial: go into the import view, then choose your Pool and on which storage you want to import it. Then drag and drop the OVA file:

You can modify the OVA configuration as needed:

When the import is started, there is a task ongoing:

On the VM new, you can see the VM is labelled "[Importing...] Debian": during the transfer, you can't boot it. This will avoid any data corruption.

It's done, now just boot it, you're in!

OVA support

We support all OVA with bundled disks (OVF 1.0), in the "Streamable VMDK format": basically, all VirtualBox exports.