First release scheduled

I'm happy to announce that XO 1.0 will be released at the end of march (Thursday, March 28).

This first release (codename "Archlute") will offer the possibility to view all important data from your XCP servers (Vm location on server, host memory, storage repo, templates etc.).

This version is compatible and tested for XCP Iso (CentOS based) or Debian + Xapi (via Kronos project). XO 1.0 will be a great step to give us feedback about installation, perfs and UI without risking anything on your XCP infrastructure, because we'll focus on interactions -e.g destroy/create VM- for the next one, the 2.0, codenamed "Baryton".

How many days until the release? Play "The Final Countdown" in your head, sorry to ruin your day ;)