First release out

2 month earlier, we made a presentation at FOSDEM about XO. In this presentation, we estimated to have a first release in march. And here we are!

XO 1.0 "Archlute"

We think "release often" is a good policy, even if our software is not completed, because it's a good way to expose our work and to have feedback about it. Indeed, we would like more time to present a more "polished" product. Consider this release as a beta, but don't be afraid about connecting it to your XCP/XenServer infrastructure: there is absolutely no interaction, just a bunch a data displayed. So, there is no risks!

Kind of "beta" test

If you are interested to:

  • provide feedback
  • give ideas
  • report bugs
  • contribute
  • just test it

You are welcome to download by cloning repositories (here for xo-server and here for xo-web) on Github.

If you want to report issues, go on our "meta" repository here.

Now, our objective is to fix any major issues, refactoring the code and give you a full featured 1.x branch (e.g : sell all data of XCP servers). Then, we'll create a 2.x branch with enabled interactions (start, pause VM etc.) Enjoy!