Faster consoles in XO

Our previous console connection was done by using a component in XenServer, named wsproxy. It was very simple to use, opposing to make a RAW HTTP connection.

But the main drawbacks were:

  • slow to connect (~2 seconds to display the console)
  • not supported by Citrix
  • prone to bugs when called often in a limited time (a lot of wsproxy processes still actives on the XenServer host).

So we had to connect in RAW HTTP, and it works now!

The result? Faster (almost instant) console display.

In our lab:

  • ~1500ms for displaying a console using the "old way" i.e wsproxy
  • ~130ms for the same result using RAW HTTP

Conclusion: we managed to display consoles more than 10 times faster!

That's another step in Xen Orchestra improvement. This fix will be available for the 4.5 available in ~15 days.