Dev report 4 on Xen Orchestra 5.0

The latest dev report before a release! We are almost there :)

So, what's new?

Heatmap is back

We replaced the previous heatmap with a brand new one, with:

  • better colors
  • waaaay faster metrics fetching time

Visual example, for our mail server, with the network input on the last 7 days:

You can clearly see the pattern: activity is happening on working hours (and the weekend is calm).

Restore backup improved

The restore backup process is more clear, and support a high number of backups or storage repositories to target. Before, it was a bit messy under some circumstances.

VM disks

We finished to implement the disk management for a VM. Obvious feature, but easy to use.

Drag and drop boot order

It's now trivial to change the boot order of a VM. Just drag and drop to put in the order you want:

Attach or add disk

Attach an existing disk, or create a new one.

Health view improved

The new health view display sorted tables, with pagination and filters. The SR list, displaying all your SRs of your infrastructure, is now sorted by occupation (in %) by default.

For example, here: show me all non-lvm storage sorted by usage:

What's next?

Next step: the release itself! Stay tuned, it will be very soon :)