Bounties for Xen Orchestra

As requested by "ngc" on our forum, we are now able to register contributions for unlock features in Xen Orchestra. The main demand is on user roles and also getting metrics in xo-web.

The first good news in our official first contribution from David of B.C.C. sprl (Belgium) for users roles. Faster we'll have enough people contributing, faster we'll develop and thus unlock new exciting features for XO!

Basic rules for contribution are explained on our forum, but I display them here too:

  • if the estimated cost is achieved, we start to work on the feature
  • we'll release it as soon as possible (priority in our work load)
  • we'll deliver a post on the project website with all information and regular reports of progresses
  • if we've been optimistic on the cost, that's for us
  • if we've been pessimistic on the cost, we'll make extra-features with the funds (we guarantee ALL funds will be invested entirely in XO and nothing else)

If you have a feature needed in your company, come explain it to us, we'll do our best to deliver a solution. Oh, and we are also close to a new release, stay tuned ;)