6000 visitors in October!


Getting 6000 visitors is not the only good news: our progression is very strong since June:


And our participation to 3 events allows us to get a better visibility, that's why I want to thanks Lars Kurth for his help. But getting that much interest would not have been possible without a lot a people searching for a Xen web interface: it's time for the Web now. With powerful tools as node.js and Twitter bootstrap, and of course XAPI for controlling Xen, we can manage to deliver a fast, scalable and powerful solution for the end of this year.


As the interest around XO is growing, we've got a new community member working directly on the code (hello mclueppers ;) ) and more testers ready to push the limits of our architecture. If you want to join us or just have questions around XO, we are available on our IRC channel (#vates on Freenode) or in our Forum. We are working hard to release in time, but remember: the more the merrier!

Update: the exact number is 6133 visitors :)