XenServer 7.3: and now, what's next?

  • Hi!

    What I do not really understand is how the "periphery" things about Xenserver could be working in XCP-ng:

    • XenTools: Do we need to have XCP-ng-tools, or how can we have drivers for different OSs?
    • XenCenter: Do you think, there will be a compatibility between XCP-ng and Xencenter, or will XOA be the one and only frontend?
    • Migration XCP-ng <-> Xenserver: How about the compatibility here? Will it be possible to migrate VMs from Xenserver 7.x to XCP-ng without downtime as "Live Storage Migration?

    Thank you and best wishes

    1. Xentools should be quite identical. We'll packages them without any modifications I think
    2. We'll keep the exact same API. So if Citrix doesn't block it (ie do nothing special about it), XenCenter will stay compatible too.
    3. I think this could work because modification will be minor. But I can't be certain until first release.

  • @olivierlambert AD2. Maybe you can take a look at OpenXenManager (python version of XenCenter on linux) ? I think it's frozen project (sources are available on github) but it works - I know because I've used it for awhile. That will make a good alternative for someone who wants a non-web client, not only for one platform as it is with XenCenter and it will be compatible with XCP-ng 🙂

  • You can imagine I won't spend time developing/improving another client 😛

    Yes, if you want, use OpenXenManager, it will likely work with XCP-ng, (I don't see why it wouldn't).

  • @olivierlambert I can imagine you're busy atm 😉 I just wanted to mention that there is a client based on XenCenter if Citrix'd decide to do something with their product 😉 I'm satisfied with XO 😉 but there is a problem with it (or maybe I'm blind :)) There's no option to add a Hardware HBA (iSCSI only) as it is in XenCenter. But other than that XO is enough 🙂 well done 🙂

  • https://github.com/vatesfr/xen-orchestra/issues/1992

    Please post there to keep pressure on us 😉 We don't have HBA hardware in the lab, so it's harder to build the feature out of thin air 😛

    olivierlambert created this issue in vatesfr/xen-orchestra

    closed Creation of LVMoHBA SRs #1992

  • I am looking forward to see features that will outperform "original" Xenserver.

    The biggest day-by-day-limitations for me are:

    • Snapshots on LVM doubles the needed space

    -> Thin-Provisioned-LVM would be great!
    -> alternatively: NFS 4.1 with multipathing

  • Citrix Xencenter 7.4 show message "unlicensed" when connected to free (citrix) xenserver 7.x
    Will this change with XCP-ng? 🙂

  • Again, I can't tell for XenCenter behavior. Note we don't touch XenCenter, but XenServer.

    If Citrix decide to lock features from their UI, then switch to Xen Orchestra or something else.

    edit: let me do a quick test right now 🙂

  • It seems to be OK (not displaying license issues). But expect a reaction from Citrix to change that in the future 😉

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