SR broken pipe

  • Hi all,

    Im currently facing an alert, not error.
    On my Xencenter i got these alert, on one of our SR, every hours since a week :
    3337acda-7d9c-c1bf-fef7-025729a296ba broken pipe XEN-POOL-01

    I didnt find any error log and its the very first time i see this alert.

    Do you know what does it mean exactly ? and where i can dig to investigate ?

    Best regards,

  • Can you provide more details on this SR?

  • Hi Olivier,

    Yep sorry.

    Is a NFSv4 share folder, 10gb FB , where vdi are stored.
    Size 19TB
    There is nothing wrong with it except the alerts...

    There are several other Shared folder on the same NAS (and same RAID volume) used as SR on another Xenserver pool but there is no alert with them.