Pasting into Centos CLI

  • So I have read several messages about the functionality around pasting into the console window, and am still confused. A previous post ( states that it's a limitation of XenServer. Here is where my confusion comes in.

    I am able to right-click inside of XenCenter and paste into the console window of this specific type of VM (Centos 6.x) for a while. Yet, the XO console for the same machine does not.

    Is there something fundamental that I am not understanding? I admit, it's early here and I have not yet finished my coffee.

  • It's a mix on XenServer console types and because you are in a browser (a browser can't access your clipboard the same way than a native application, for security reasons).

    Are you using a PV or HVM VM?

  • Most of them are HVM.

  • Hi,

    may I suggest using Keepass (or another password manager). It has "auto-type" function, and you can use it to type stuff in the browser window. However, it has some limitations - it's designed to auto-type user/pass, some short text in general. If you need to paste large amount of data, for example pages of text, it may not be suitable.


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