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  • Is XOSAN separate product or is it part of XO? Is it covered with AGPL?
    Why is there no XOSAN in community edition (XO from the sources)?
    I have read somewhere that XO from sources have all features minus updates & support, is this correct?

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  • From what I understand, XOSAN will not be available in the CE of XO. It is essentially an add-on product to XOA.

  • We'll open source the "Gluster" driver for people who want to build their own hyperconverged solution. But you'll need to understand Glusterfs, to monitor it, and to manage it manually.

    Basically, XOSAN will be a standalone product that you can purchase (independently of any XOA edition), providing an easy/turnkey/monitored solution with support, via a subscription (no limits on nodes number in a pool nor any storage capacity limit).

  • Thank you for clearing this one for me!

  • We didn't made any official announcement, so it's normal to ask 🙂 We'll do an official communication probably after beta phase II or III.

  • Slightly necroing this 🙂

    Olivier, would you consider producing a personal home use version for those of us with multiple servers? I've been playing with vSAN from VMWare and I really like it, but clearly vSphere Hypervisor is not suited to the home user as you need vsan, vsphere / vCenter etc. and that is unaffordable for any home lab user.

    I'd be interested if you where able to offer a cheaper one of license that was stuck within a major version with an upgrade path (at a payable price) to move between versions but was 'forum' only support; my data isn't production critical after all as it is just home stuff so I don't need immediate responses but knowing I can ask on the forums and get help that way would be good...

    Just a thought really, as HA without shared storage is not worth using and HA on a cluster is important for VM availability and XOSAN could be a good way to make this work neatly.

  • Hi @Benoire !

    Regarding XOA: a free version with all features for ever will be possible, limited on a 50GiB space. Otherwise, we don't have plans soon (ie just after the product is out) for small use license. But you will be able to build it yourself 🙂

  • Hi!

    Is the licensing fee "per company" as XOA, or are there limits about the number of pools, as I am using only small pools.

  • Hi!

    1. In theory, XOA pricing is per XOA, but until we enforce it (as soon we got backup proxies), it's tolerated to use multiple XOAs with the same license. More XOA means more support so it's logical.
    2. XOSAN pricing is per pool. Since 7.5, pools can have up to 64 hosts. If you have a specific reason to use small pools, and if you have a vast number of them, we can discuss in private for volume licensing 🙂

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