WHMCS integration

  • There is a lot of people starting to ask about WHMCS integration. Because we got an API, it's technically doable. However, we got a lack of understanding VPS vendor workflow and how WHMCS work.

    This topic goal is to federate VPS vendors to find the best way to make this plugin and also mutualise experience and costs on its creation.

    More to come.

  • I feel this will be quite important for us moving forward hence why asked about, but we're not quite familiar enough to provide useful feedback/spec. Will let you know.


  • The first thing to do I think, would be the exact actions needed in a "classic" VPS vendor workflow. From administrator configuring stuff to a client paying and need to have a VM created.

    Describing a workflow is easy, it's just a bullet ordered list of actions clearly explained :)

  • Also need to pay for / buy a license before start bothering you with feature request ;)

  • I think for start the following base functions and process would be the best:

    1.) Automaticaly create user in XO from WHMCS (email, password)
    2.) Automaticaly provision new VM

    • WHMCS sends informations to XO to create VM. Eg: resources: Disc size, Mem size, No of CPUs, Swap, Number of IPs, Bandwidth, HA needed or not, maybe POOL and server name where to create VM, OPsystem template and set root password.
    • WHMCS gets informations from XO: IP address, VM ID, MAC
    • WHMCS send automaticaly email to user with the access details to XO and VPS root access (IP, and root pass)

    3.) Terminate VM
    4.) Suspend / Unsuspend
    5.) Upgrade/Downgrade: Set Memory, Space and CPU limits

      • Extra functions later:
    • Backup type configuration option (full/image/file leve), rotation, scheudling per VM (per user) (because of separate pricing)
    • Docker access
    • Self-Service for user (user gets only resources and user can create as many VM as he needed)
    • Storage config options (SSD, SAS etc, separate pricing)
    • etc...

  • @olivierlambert One of the way to create such module could be contact with ModulesGarden.com(they specialize in modules for WHMCS) so they should know how to implement such solution into WHMCS and what functionality is needed by VPS hosters.
    They have already done integration with Proxmox/OpenStack/SolusVM more information you can find under:

  • My basic module, xo-cli + php_shell_exec


  • Is it a WHMCS thing @fagnerlins ?

  • So it manages billing?

    I think what you did is good for having a prototype that we could review to understand the workflow and make something talking to the xo-server API directly :)

  • @olivierlambert Yes, I sent the code in private message

  • Screenshots and workflow (each step) would be also useful here :)

  • @olivierlambert In whmcs the module only needs the management functions of the servers, the rest whmcs does by default

  • May I also get the code?:)

  • @fagnerlins Is any way to get code or you can share it in public like github to any interested peoples add new features?

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