XenMotion Storage queue - how?

  • Hi,

    I read this page:

    I have a pool with 2 XCP-ng hosts, 2 NFS storage repositories (SR) (one main, and one for backup/maintenance) and approx 30 VMs
    I want to move all VM disks in the pool from the main SR to the other SR, so I can do maintenance on the main storage (and then move the VM disks back again). So for each VM, the Pool and host server stays, but the storage location changes.

    The idea of moving them individually is not fun (will take a long time and lots of manual work). Is there a way I can select all VMs, and instruct to move the VM disks to the other storage location (and back)?

    I have looked all over XO, but cannot find what I'm looking for.


  • Unfortunately, XO does not currently provide a way to select disks across multiple VMs to migrate them.

    It may be possible in the next major release scheduled for September, but not today.

    If you have some knowledge of JavaScript, you should be able to it yourself by using xo-lib or xo-cli.

    If you are a paying customer, please open a support ticket and we should be able to help you with that.

  • @julien-f
    Thanks, At least I know I'm not blind. I will wait for the next major release.
    Also, I'll have a look at xo-cli

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