Xen equivalent of a VMWare dynamic switch.

  • Hi again,

    The last thing I need to confirm before I can convince the powers that be to move from VMWare to XCP-np and XO is the ability to create the equivalent of VMware's dynamic switches.

    I am trying to set up a two host pool at the moment to test it out on, but am having fun there too (see another message just posted on here), but in the mean time, if I create a private network on a server in the pool, will that private network span multiple hosts? In the version of VMWare we are currently using I can only use standard switches and on there as private lans between sets of machines, but they only exist on each host individually.

    Does this make sense? Hope so 🙂



  • Okay so you'd like to have a private network spanning on multiple hosts. It's not directly possible with the API today (so not with XCP-ng Center nor XO). Citrix released a long time ago something call DVSC, a virtual appliance doing exactly that.

    But this appliance is closed sources and fully outdated today. We planned to implement that directly in XCP-ng, because it should work with the existing tools (there is already Open vSwitch inside the dom0). So in theory, right now, you should be able to do that with ther correct OVS commands. But I have to admit I'm not a network expert so IDK how to do that.

  • Because some people are still asking and this page is visited a lot via Google search: it's now possible with Xen Orchestra. See https://xen-orchestra.com/blog/xo-sdn-controller/

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