Separate communities for the same family

  • Just to ask a question that has been bugging me for a while now. Why does there continue to be distinct platforms for XO and XCP-ng. The traffic has be getting split up, and the answers and community as a whole are likely not being readily found.

    Wouldn't it be much better to combine both forums into one and use that and discontinue the separate communities?

    I can understand how they came about, heck I was here when both were brought into existence as a user of XO from sources so many years ago.

  • Like I replied in the topic on XCP-ng forum, now I think it's relevant due to the fact that these both project are very close since the release of XCP-ng (even if some people still using plain XenServer).

  • @Ruskofff yeah so the issue is plainly obvious.

    First, people need multiple accounts to post, one here and one there even though in both places it's the same person.

    Second it makes posting content that may be related to the other difficult, in that the topic may be. I'm having issues with XCP-ng, but in fact the issue is something in XO or vice-versa.

    Having a unified community for that, and categories within would quickly allow anyone in the community management team to simply move a post, change or add tags and help find answers way more quickly.

    Granted, there is no promise that everyone using XO is using XCP-ng they could be using XS. But certainly a large portion of people using XCP-ng are using XO.

    So why continue separation? It's only a negative.