Snapshots and performance

  • Hello,
    Suppose I wish to do 2 types of backup (Cont Repl + Delta) each to 3 different remotes. Would this result in 6 snapshots on each vm? What are the implications of this for performance?

  • Hello Frank,

    With Backup NG you can configure multiple types of backup and multiple targets in a single job, which results in a single snapshot if possible 🙂

  • @julien-f
    Thanks for your reply. What I didn't make clear is that the remotes are not simultaneously available as the are removable disks (up to three) which are rotated daily. This makes me think that each remote would have to be specified in a different backup job or the backup job might fail because two remotes where unavailable?

  • In that case you're right, you'll need 3 different jobs which would all create a different snapshot.

  • Anyone any idea how 3 snapshots will impact performance on lvm local storage?

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