XOSAN is a 100% software defined solution for XenServer hyperconvergence. You can unlock a free 50GiB cluster to test the solution in your infrastructure and discover all the benefits you can get by using XOSAN.

Step 1

You will need to be registered on our website in order to use Xen Orchestra. If you are not yet registered, here is the way

SSH in your XenServer and use the command line curl -sS https://xoa.io/deploy | bash - it will deploy Xen Orchestra Appliance on your XenServer infrastructure which is required to use XOSAN.

Note: You can also download the XVA file and follow these instructions.

Step 2

Register your XOA appliance

If you are not familiar with Xen Orchestra, note that you can also activate a 15 days Premium trial for XOA. More informations here


Step 3

Access the XOSAN menu and click on the "new" button. By default, your XOSAN will be a trial license, limited to 50GiB of space.


You will always have the opportunity to upgrade an existing XOSAN cluster which is in trial version to a standard XOSAN license.

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