This is another client of xo-server - this time in command line form.

Thanks to introspection, xo-cli will detect all the available features exposed in the xo-server API.


> xo-cli --help

  xo-cli --register <XO-Server URL> <username> [<password>]
    Registers the XO instance to use.

  xo-cli --unregister
    Remove stored credentials.

  xo-cli --list-commands [--json] [<pattern>]...
    Returns the list of available commands on the current XO instance.

    The patterns can be used to filter on command names.

  xo-cli --list-objects [--<property>]… [<property>=<value>]...
    Returns a list of XO objects.

      Restricts displayed properties to those listed.

      Restricted displayed objects to those matching the patterns.

  xo-cli <command> [<name>=<value>]...
    Executes a command on the current XO instance.

Register your XO instance

> xo-cli --register http://xo.my-company.net admin@admin.net admin
Successfully logged with admin@admin.net

Note: only a token will be saved in the configuration file.

List available objects

Prints all objects:

> xo-cli --list-objects

It is possible to filter on object properties, for instance to print all VM templates:

> xo-cli --list-objects type=VM-template

List available commands

> xo-cli --list-commands

Commands can be filtered using patterns:

> xo-cli --list-commands '{user,group}.*'

Execute a command

The same syntax is used for all commands: xo-cli <command> <param name>=<value>...

E.g., adding a new server:

> xo-cli server.add host=my.server.net username=root password=secret-password

The return value is the identifier of this new server in XO.

Parameters (except true and false which are correctly parsed as booleans) are assumed to be strings. For other types, you may use JSON encoding by prefixing with json::

> xo-cli foo.bar baz='json:[1, 2, 3]'
VM export
> xo-cli vm.export vm=a01667e0-8e29-49fc-a550-17be4226783c @=vm.xva
VM import
> xo-cli vm.import sr=60a6939e-8b0a-4352-9954-5bde44bcdf7d @=vm.xva

Note: xo-cli only supports the import of XVA files. It will not import OVA files. To import OVA images, you must use the XOA web UI.

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