Smart backup

There is two ways to select which VMs will be backup:

  1. Multiple VM selector
  2. Smart backup

Picking VMs manually can be a limitation if you environment is moving fast (ie having new VMs you need to backup often). Because you needed to edit the previous job and add it.

But thanks to smart backup, you have now more flexibility: you won't select specific VMs, but VMs status/tag/placement at the time backup job will be executed. Let's see some examples!

Backup all VMs on a pool

This job will backup all VMs on a pool "Lab Pool" when scheduled:

It means: every VM existing on this pool at the backup schedule will be backup. Doesn't matter if you create a new VM, it will be backup too without editing any backup job.

You can now plan a smart backup on a production pool when only important VMs are.

Want to narrow the job a bit? See below.

Backup filters

You can also:

  • backup only running (or halted) VMs when the job is executed
  • backup only VMs with a tag

Remember the Prod VMs? I added a tag "prod" for each of them:

Now if you do this:

It means any VMs on "Lab Pool" with the "prod" tag will be backup.

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