Xen Orchestra Partner Program

The Xen Orchestra partner program is designed to offer you the opportunity to become a reseller of Xen Orchestra and deliver a full stack solution to your customers.

For reselling XOA to your clients, you'll have a standard discount on every edition of Xen Orchestra. However, to keep the reseller status, you will have to sell more than one XO edition a year, if not, you will fall under the "purchaser" status, which grant no discount.

Apply to the program

You need to be registered first. Then go on the partner page here and click on the "Register to become a partner" button:

You will have to complete a form in order to give us some informations regarding your expectation and location. Once it's down, you should receive an email in order to start the discussion with someone from our team.

As soon it's done, you can access to your partner zone, at the same partner page.

Purchase XOAs

Now you could see the reseller interface:

You can follow these steps to purchase a XOA edition for your customer.

  1. choose the edition you want to purchase for your customer
  2. Buy it on your reseller space (the discount is automatically applied - once it's done, a new line appears on your reseller space)
  3. assign/bind the plan to your final client email

You'll have all the invoices in your account.

From your client perspective

Your client can use the email assigned to register its appliance, and unlock the Edition you purchased. He will not get any invoice from us but can still access to our support system.

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