Patching a host manually can be time consuming (and boring). That's why we provide the high level feature of downloading and applying all missing patches automatically.

XOA smart patching system

Your XOA will check the official Citrix servers for missing patches. They will be displayed if any:

  • in dashboard view
  • in pool view (plus the number of missing patches in a red box)
  • in host view (in patching tab, same red pill)

Installing patches

When you click on "Install all patches", XOA will do all of the following automatically:

  • fetch all missing patches from Citrix servers
  • unzip them
  • upload them
  • apply them in the correct order

You can see more screenshots here:

If you are behind a proxy, please update your xo-server configuration to add a proxy server, as explained in the appropriate section.

Notes on patching

  • Xen Orchestra won't reboot your hosts automatically. That's your call to choose when to do it.
  • Patching doesn't always require rebooting. Check the "Guidance" row: if "restartHost" is displayed, it means you need to reboot to have the patch fully applied (see screenshot below)
  • XO will install all patches without rebooting: that's not an issue. Even applying patches manually, it's not mandatory to reboot after each patch.

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