XO currently supports connections to LDAP directories, like Open LDAP or Active Directory.

To configure your LDAP, you need to go into the Plugins section in the "Settings" view. Then configure it:

LDAP plugin settings

Don't forget to save the configuration, and also check if the plugin is activated (green button on top).


LDAP Filters allow you to properly match your user. It's not an easy task to always find the right filter, and it entirely depends on your LDAP configuration. Still, here is a list of common filters:

  • '(uid=)' is usually the default filter for Open LDAP
  • '(cn=)', '(sAMAccountName=)', '(sAMAccountName=@<domain>)' or even '(userPrincipalName=)' are widely used for Active Directory. Please check with your AD Admin to find the right one.

After finishing the configuration, you can try to log in with your LDAP username and password. Finally, right after your initial successful log in, your account will be visible in the user list of Xen Orchestra.


If you can't log in with your LDAP settings, please check the logs of xo-server while you attempt to connect. It will give you hints about the error encountered. You can do that with a tail -f /var/log/syslog -n 100 on your XOA.

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