XOSAN Beta Phase 1

The first beta stage for XOSAN is now open! To activate your XOSAN beta, just go in the "XOSAN" menu in your (up-to-date) XOA, and click »

Xen Orchestra 5.6

First release of the year, and it's a pretty nice one! A lot of new features but also the usual pile of bug fixes. Want to »

XOSAN with 10GB link on XenServer

A quick post regarding new hardware that just came for our lab: 10GB network cards to benchmark (again) hyperconverged XenServer storage with XOSAN. At the same »

XenServer hyperconverged with XOSAN

This is the second blog post related to make XenServer hyperconverged in a simple way (check the previous link if you missed it!) Today, we'll see »

Combined XenServer pool stats

Happy new year! Let's discover a new cool feature of Xen Orchestra: combined pool statistics. It means, in your XenServer pool view, there is a new »