Xen Orchestra is always going faster

We are currently working on a new optimisation of Xen Orchestra (server side), that makes everything going faster: connection time and bandwidth reduced, plus in bonus »

XOA at The Joint BioEnergy Institute - A case study

During XO Tour 2017 in San Francisco, we met some of our customers there. Discover their stories, working with XenServer and Xen Orchestra Appliance (XOA) on »

Xen Orchestra 5.7

March release! Almost 40 issues closed, better global UI usability and bug fixes. Oh, and XOSAN is now working on XenServer 7.1! The complete changelog »

Upgrade to XenServer 7.1

The new version of XenServer is here! And it's 100% comptable with Xen Orchestra! What's inside? Xen 4.7 (live patching capable) A recent Linux kernel »

XOSAN Beta Phase 1

The first beta stage for XOSAN is now open! To activate your XOSAN beta, just go in the "XOSAN" menu in your (up-to-date) XOA, and click »