XenServer consoles

In order to access your VM console, we are using a VNC HTML5 console, called "noVNC". No plugin to install, it just works ©, 3 years from »

Improved XenServer patching

Despite we already streamed the patches all the way along (download, unzip, upload on the fly at once), we still have ways to improve the patch »

Xen Orchestra 5.9

Here it comes! Xen Orchestra 5.9 is now available. Storage health We added a new view in the existing "Health" section of Xen Orchestra. You »

Better backup reports for XenServer

We improved our backup report feature in Xen Orchestra. Let's see what's new. Remember that our backup reports can be sent by: Email Slack or MatterMost »

Upgrade to XenServer 7.2

Since XenServer 7.2 is now available, we'll see how to upgrade. Note: XenServer 7.1 is still in LTS. No emergency to upgrade on 7. »